Global demand forwater grows, while supply decreases steadily.


We are consuming water faster than we can store it. The challenge is to balance water supply and demand and so ensure that it is always available.

The Green-Blue Water Coalition is an initiative of The Nature Conservancy with support from the private sector and the collaboration of civil society. Together, we can implement nature-based solutions that promote water security in at-risk cities.

Green infrastructure is essential to ensuring water for cities. TNC studies show that restoring just 3% of forests can reduce siltation up to 50% in the strategic watersheds responsible for 64% of the water supplied to the Greater São Paulo area.

Water is essential to life. Rational consumption by citizens and companies, and the promotion of sustainable water management are fundamental to overcoming the growing challenge of dwindling supply and quality in the cities.

We must act now!

The Coalition will act in the

12 metropolitan areas

that are already facing hydric stress and where conservation actions in watersheds can help promote water security. It will work to conserve and restore forests in 21 watersheds that supply almost 42 million people.

We need to recognize that investing in the protection of nature is one of the most important actions to help ensure water security to a population that lives in increasingly concentrated areas.

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The Green-Blue Water Coalition wants to initiate collective action. Joint efforts by The Nature Conservancy, the private sector and civil society can implement nature-based solutions, conserve and restore forests, and balance water supply and demand.

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